Why stay at Oceania House?
Oceania House is the most important heritage building in the Indian Ocean Territories, built in 1887, to be the ancestral home of the Clunies-Ross family.  This magnificent house is located within the surrounds of a 12 acre botanical garden, only meters from the edge of the lagoon and a short walk from the  Cocos-Malay Kampgong.  The house is majestically furnished with beautiful antiques which complement the building and complete the old-world, colonial setting.
We offer a relaxing ambiance and a chance to see the 'real Cocos Island', the small, Cocos-Malay community, who still maintain much of their cultural origins whilst at the same time being an integral part of Australia.  You can meet the locals, find out about their way of life, enjoy their unique, tasty curries, go out on a fishing trip or sailing in a traditional 'Jukong'.
The lagoon teems with so many varieties of fish, and on any excursion into the water you will almost always come into close contact with turtles, dolphins, manta-rays and schools of multi-coloured fish.  You will probably see a number of small sharks  as well.   From Home Island, you can walk across to other smaller islands on a low-tide.  Imagine having a whole island to yourselves.
Access to West Island is just a 20 minute ferry ride across the lagoon, where there is a totally different ambiance.  West Island offers a 'more commercial style of holiday', but accessing tours which leave from West Island is very easy to organise.
Just meters from the lagoon

Dine in fine style whilst stayin at Oceania House.  Have a traditional

Malay meal delivered to the door.

The Cocos  Malay community still celebrate all formal occasions in the traditional way.