We have four beautiful, spacious double bedrooms, each named after one of the significant members of the Clunies-Ross family.  Each has either an ensuite attached, or use of a private bathroom - just across the hall.

The rooms are decorated to reflect the 'personal style' of the family member after whom it was named.


The Daphne Room
The Daphne Room is a memorial to the last Clunies-Ross woman to live in Oceania House.  Daphne, who recently passed away , was a kind and generous woman - loved and respected by the Islanders, especially the women, with whom she shared a special relationship.
'The Daphne', is a very large room which has ensuite attached and an extra single bed - making it a popular choice for guests.
The George Room
The George Room, named after the designer and builder of Oceania House, is elegantly-furnished with Edwardian pieces.  This room has sweeping views out across the lagoon from its beautiful bay-window and has a  private bathroom - across hall
The George Room


Named in honour of the architect and  builder of Oceania House. George was a remarkable man who was able, not only to carry on his grandfather & father's dream, but improve the lives of all Islanders.


The George Room is furnished in elegant Edwardian style and features a large bay-window and extensive views across the lagoon .


A private bathroom is across the hall.



The John Sidney Room
John Sidney Clunies-Ross took control of the islands in 1910, after his father passed away on the Isle of Wight.  He was a 'Man of the World' and the John Sidney Room is decorated to complement his personal style.
John Sidney is still remembered by some of the remaining older folk, as an approachable and 'good bloke'.
A beautiful, octagon-shaped room with extensive views across the  lagoon.
Private bathroom - across the hall.
The Rose Room

Named after Rose Nash, who was married to John Sidney.  Rose is the grandmother of Johnny Clunies-Ross who still lives and works on the Cocos Islands.


The room is decorated in the whimsical Art Nouveau style and features an original 'Brass Bed'and  a set of Art Nouveau, embossed mirrors, decorated with hand-painted roses.


A lovely, large room with its own ensuite.