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The Cocos Keeling Islands are located in a very isolated position - one of the most isolated in the world, so a few helpful tips are useful.  Cocos is NOT your usual commercial 'island' where you can 'pop down to a shop or restaurant 24 hours a day.    However, it is one of the last 'unspoilt spots' still in a pristine condition and a place where you can get lots of 'down-time'.

Things to Do on Cocos


Of course many of the activities and sight-seeing trips revolve around the lagoon, with  snorkelling and boating being very popular.

  • Snorkel the famous 'Rip'

  • High- tide Motorised Canoe Trip 

  • Hire a Catamaran

  • Swim and relax on Turtle Beach, Trannies Beach  or Direction Island

  • Visit the  'Big Barge' Art Gallery

  • Hire a car & explore West Island

  • Go Birdwatching

  • View the coral via a 'glass-bottom' boat trip

What to Bring
  • Snorkel & Flippers
  • Reef Shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Mosquito repellent
  • T Shirts/shorts
  • Bathers
  • Sandals and rubber thongs
  • Ladies - top to cover shoulders & longer trousers or skirt to cover knees
  • A summer dress to wear to restaurant or event.





Eating and Dining on Home Island






Oceania House is a 'Self-Catering'facility.  We have a kitchen available for guests to use and essentials can be purchased at the local Supermarket -  a short walk away.


Fresh fruit and vegetables are expensive, so some people like to bring a supply of fruit and salad vegetables with them.  If you are a big 'meat-eater, then a bulk pack of steak is useful.


Alternatively, we can order the local Malay Cuisine and have it delivered to Oceania House in time for your evening meal.


We have a lovely restaurant on Home Island, but it is not open every night and bookings must be made.


Although alcohol is not sold on Home Island, it is perfectly acceptable to 'have a drink' within  the grounds of Oceania House.


Interested in History?


  • The Romantic but sometime tragic story of the Clunies-Ross Family

  • Oceania House - its amazing existance

  • The wreck of 'The Emden'

  • Cultural history of the Cocos-Malay people

  • The Role of the Cable Station in two world-wars

  • Museum and Pictorial History


  • By staying at Oceania House you literally breath history.


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