A Shining Emerald in a Saphire Tiara


The tiny dot which is the Cocos (Keeling) Islands is located 2,700 klms north-west of Western Australia's coast.  A beautiful, coral atoll - little more than a coconut and a palm tree, but with a rich history which brought together two very distinct cultures to establish the unique 'Cocos Malay' people who live on Home Island - Cocos (Keeling) Island today.


       Built by George Clunies-Ross             Circa 1887



A two-storey mansion built to be his ancestral home, Oceania House is a testament to George Clunies-Ross and his vision for the Cocos Islands. 


Set just meters from the edge of the foreshore, with extensive views across the lagoon and delightfully furnished with genuine antiques, Oceania House provides a touch of Colonial elegance in the busy 21st century.  Relax in our spacious rooms or sit  under enormous trees beside the lagoon.  Enjoy a drink whilst watching the sun turn the lagoon into a rainbow of colours before the velvet, night sky fades in.


We,  (Lloyd and Avril) love to share our knowledge of the awe- inspiring history of this tiny outpost and will enthrall you with tales of romance, courage, amazing resilience and tragedy.  Lloyd is a real entertainer and will have you laughing at one moment and near to tears at the next.   the final evening of your stay, we sit around the large table, get out the crystal and silver and enjoy a shared meal and some good wine to celebrate the end of your visit with us at Oceania House.


       Now available for exclusive boutique, holiday accommodation. 



    The Two-Island
   Why not make the most of your visit to Cocos Island!
Stay part of your vacation on West Island then take the opportunity of seeing the real Cocos Island.  Stay in a magnificent Colonial Mansion with spacious rooms decorated with genuine antiques relax in the quiet ambiance of a bygone era.
Your hosts, Avril and Lloyd will make you welcome and introduce you to the dramatic, romantic and sometimes tragic history of this unique island. 
Do not miss the opportunity of staying in this: Historic, Heritage-listed, Colonial Home. 
                   Experience the grand and spacious lifestyle of a by-gone era
Call Avril now for an informative discussion on how to achieve this perfect holiday.
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